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How do I certify after testing?

Certification instructions for WebLINK3, BridgeComm and PayGuardian Products

In the certification document Page 1 must be completed as well as Sections 3 and 4.  In section 4 only the reference number (PayGuardian-RefNum, WebLINK3-r_Id, BridgeComm-GatewayTransID) and amounts per Approved Transaction are required.  For other than EMV and NFC (Contactless) one of the following are needed VISA, Discover or MasterCard and an AMEX for each transaction type (Sale, Void, Refund, etc.).  For EMV and NFC only one card type is required.  For ACH (if applicable) only one transaction is required.

​Certification Document is available for download here (please return it as an MS Word document).


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