BridgePay Network Solutions

Integration Steps

Signing up for a test account by selecting the link below starts the integration process listed below:
Test Account request URL

  1. Test account credentials are generated and issued within 1-3 business days
  2. Integrator signs up on the Integrations Support Portal to obtain additional documentation, access to knowledgebase and ability to enter integration cases  
  3. The BridgePay Integration Department will schedule an Introduction Discovery call to discuss details of the integration and best product fit
  4. Integrator enters support cases for any issues or questions during integration and testing on the Integrations Support portal
  5. Integrator submits certification document to Integrations department when integration and testing have been completed
  6. Integrations will review certification information by using the reference number of each type of transaction (Credit sales, debit sales, void, refund, etc.). Logs are pulled and reviewed and compared to the requests of each transaction type
  7. Certification letter is issued
  8. Integrator, Merchant or Reseller obtains production credentials from BridgePay Customer Relations or ISO/Reseller
  9. Integrator or reseller works with the Integration Manager to move forward on a GO LIVE date
  10. Test transactions in the LIVE production environment and confirm each transaction type works as expected
  11. Enter support cases for production issues or questions at:

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